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Skin [Acne] Clear Handmade Soap

“I have adult acne and have used countless products for dealing with this issue. Your Skin Clear handmade soap is probably the best product I have used on my face. Several days after using the product my face has been the clearest it has been in a long long long time!!!!!! Would highly recommend the product. ”

Tony A

"I have been using emu oil for the past few years and I can't say enough good things about it! I recently purchased the Skin Clear Handmade Soap and it has made a HUGE difference in the last 2 weeks to my facial skin and it's texture. Thank you and please don't stop making it! It has been the only natural facial cleanser to actually work and not irritate my sensitive skin further. Thank you!!"


Teenage acne solved! 

My 16yr old son has been having troubles with bad breakouts on his forehead that he could not get rid of, despite using over the counter products many times daily. Just over a week ago I had him begin a 3 step process using the cinna scrub, then the acne cleansing bar, followed by pure emu oil. He is seeing serious results. His forehead is healing and clearing up. The rest of his face is also improving. As a young child we used the pure emu oil on his back because he had severely dry skin, and it worked wonders. I am a believer, and now so is my son. At first he was worried about putting "oils" of any kind on his already infected and damaged skin, but now he is feeling much less self-conscious! Thank you for these incredible products! I use and love the Flathead mint emu body bar!

Teresa from Montana

"Thank you Penni, I have started my daughter on the routine recommended, but before I ordered it, she was already seeing results from the acne bar.

For me after one month of taking fatty acid complex [Omega Complex], my blood pressure went down from 143 to 123 just by taking 3 tablets a day.

I am also using emu oil on my face, After 2 weeks of putting it on my face at night I am getting compliments. Your products are Amazing!! I have already recommended fatty acid complex for a friend and she ordered one with my last order.
Thank you,

Rose in Colorado

"Hello, I want you to know how much I love your products! I have only tried the EMUgency pocket stick, I use as face cream. My pores are getting smaller. The children and I also use the acne soap and it is wonder for reducing the breakouts. My son as some deep scares on his arm that are about a year old and would like to know what would be the best product to help these scares disappear? Thanks."

Holly in Montana

"I just wanted to THANK YOU for your fabulous Acne Clear product. I have been using this soap exclusively for over 2 years now and my skin has never been better! I have always been prone to acne and scarring and ever since I've been using your product, it's not "significantly diminished"...... It's GONE! I have tried every potion, pill and paste on the market (inlcuding products like Proactiv) and yours is the ONLY one that works! Not only has my acne cleared up but my scars are disappearing as well. Thank you SO much for your incredible product."

M.O. in Idaho