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EMUgency™ All Purpose First Aid Pocket Stick

“I absolutely love this pocket stick [EMUgency Pocket Stick]! I have used it to moisturize smaller dry patches of skin and reduce minor skin irritations. It has improved the appearance of an old scar and made it less noticeable. I also have used this to lighten darker pigmented areas that bother me. I am a firm believer in the benefits of emu oil and this makes it so convenient to apply. Just rub it on your skin and you're done! I love that it's in a stick form and is so easy to use anywhere at any time. It truly helps with so many issues!"


EMUgency Pocket stick is PURE MAGIC!  I’ve used it on myself, friends & family members cuts, bruises & burns (3* degree burns!)- they have all been converted! THANK YOU

Bilyana in California

"While my father was stationed in Hawaii and deployed overseas, we got a whole bunch of little care packages. Our package contained EMUgency First Aid Stick. I stashed 3 of these little bags in my room and somehow I still have 1 set after about 5 years.

My dog has been having skin issues and I was running out of ideas on how to help her. I didn't want to put anything on her that could harm her or make it worse. While cleaning my room, I found my old trusty stick of EMUgency. I tried it out on my dog and it is clearing up her skin. It helps that it smells nice too so I don't have to deal with the stench of other treatments that I have tried on her. I have been using this product for 5 years for bug bites, dry skin, etc.

I found the little insert today that listed this Montana Emu Ranch website and was overjoyed! I'm so glad I can finally buy some more EMUgency! So thank you guys for supporting our troops and creating such great products! I will definitely have to send some over to my dad who is now serving another deployment. Y'all are awesome!"

Catherine in Hawaii

"I wanted to give you some positive feedback on a product I recently bought at the Vitamin Cottage in Littleton, CO. The product is EMUgency Stick. I have a rare autoimmune disorder that is horrid. It's called Lichen Sclerosis and it is a skin condition which causes burning itching, and scaring of the skin in the worst possible place ;(.... down South. I have an Rx from my Doctor for a steroidal ointment, which I have used for a few years. It is minimally effective and causes thinning of the skin and bleeding. I am also not a fan of long term use of steroids. After a really bad flare up this week, I was desperate for relief, and a more natural approach for treating my symptoms (there is no cure). I started reading on line forums about Lichen Sclerosis. Some of the ingredients in your EMUgency product were recommended (EMU oil, Comfrey, Aloe) as being effective. I have been using the EMUgency Stick product for a few days now and have already noticed a difference. It is wonderful! I hope it continues to be helpful and will post some comments on line if it is. Thanks for helping me to feel relief and sleep through the night!"

Elaine in Colorado

"I reside in upper NW Montana and thus do not receive the extreme amount of sunshine that I recently experienced while on vacation in Hawaii. Seventeen days of sun on my cheeks and nose was taxing to my skin, but thanks to your EMUgency Stick, I was able to ward off the peeling that I normally would have experienced. I kept the stick at hand and applied it several times throughout the day. I and my nose thank you for such a great product!"

Tammy in Montana

"I am a CPAP user that uses a nasal pillow mask/canula.  I was looking for something that I could use in my nares that would only need to  be applied once for the whole night.  I had used Ayr which had to applied several times per night.  The Emu oil products were like a miracle!!  Not only did it last all night, but my nasal sores from my mask healed almost overnight!  I would highly recommend these products to any CPAP user or anybody who uses a nasal canula for oxygen.  It is fantastic to apply once and have a complete night of free breathing without worrying about remoisturizing to avoid getting nasal sores due to rubbing or lack of lubrication.,  The products I have used are the plain Emu oil and the EMUgency All Purpose First Aid Stick.  THANK-YOU EMU OIL"

Shanee Landon, Certified Pharmacy Technician

"Picked up a 2oz Workers Hand Cream 2 years ago passing through Lincoln, MT at Hi-Country and loved it (awesome on the occasional sunburn), picked up a first aid pocket stick [ANEM] this year, (great for bug bites we've found).  Thanks for a great product!"

Mark in Washington State

"Emu Oil to the rescue again with a new application! We have house rabbits, bunnies who are spayed and neutered and live indoors. We had two bunnies get in a huge fight while we were at work. Bunnies fight like the Tazmanian Devil... We got to make several trips to the vet's office for lots of stitches. I needed some sort of healing ointment that wouldn't cause problems if (or when) a bunny licked it off. Wound salve to the rescue! In the past when this happened, I spent 6 weeks treating wounds. With the Emu salve, I spent TWO weeks treating wounds. Oh, and don't get me started about the Emugency sticks [ANEM]. I keep having to replace mine because I share them with others who have a skin irritation. Way to go MERC!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Susan in Washington State

"Thank you for creating such amazing products. I'm a distance runner living in Portland, Oregon. I use your first-aid Emu stick [ANEM]around my eyes and on my lips before my runs to protect my skin. It works so well I started tossing expensive eye creams and use the stick at night before bed. I have had people stopping me on the street asking me what I use on my skin! That's NEVER happened to me before. It's also the only thing my children will allow me to put on "a hurt" because it never stings and they can easily apply themselves. FANTASTIC. Thank you.

Julie in Oregon

Hello, I want you to know how much I love your products! I have only tried the EMUgency pocket stick, I use as face cream. My pores are getting smaller. The children and I also use the acne soap and it is a wonder for reducing the breakouts. My son as some deep scares on his arm that are about a year old and would like to know what would be the best product to help these scares disappear? Thanks -

Holly in Montana