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Burns, Cuts, Abrasions
Emu oil is known to help build healthy skin and when used on burns, cuts, abrasions and minor wounds Emu oil has been known to help to rebuild the tissue beneath the affected skin, restore elasticity, reduce scarring, and speed recovery.

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EMUgency All Purpose Pocket Stick

Emu Oil carries herbs, vitamins and other nutrients into the affected area to help relieve chapped skin, splits, rashes, bug bites, bruising and wounds. Soothes minor burns, bee stings, itching and helps to reduce scratching.
Available Sizes: .25 oz (7.5ml) Tube

EMUgency All Purpose Aid Spray

Emu oil combined with Manuka Oil and 14 specially formulated pure botanicals aids in soothing burns, bug bites, stings, rashes, break outs, itchy and/or red irritated skin, fungal infection, viral infection, inflammation, gram positive bacteria and other bacterial infections.
Available Size: 1 oz (30ml) Spray Bottle