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Herbal Wound Salve

"I just wanted to thank all of you for your herbal wound salve . The vet told me to put my horse down after he cut his hock , I used your salve and he's been up and running for 5 years now ! It works wonders on burns , and I'm currently using it on myself . I was processing a frozen deer and ended up with a knife stuck in my index finger bone . I'm going to take pictures every day of the outcome so I can promote your awesome product ! Thank you again!"


"I purchased the Herbal Wound Salve to use on my dog because she had severe allergies causing her to scratch herself raw. The product worked wonderfully on her open wounds.
I recently became very sick (flu I think), and had a very high temperature. My lips became very chapped, and since I am prone to fever blisters, my mouth became encircled with them, and also up my lip into my nostrils, very painful. Worst case I have ever had! At the same time, I noticed a cut on my dog, and I began using the salve on her. I noticed the ingredients, and since it's nothing but natural stuff, decided to use the salve on my fever blisters. The results are amazing. A friend saw me after the outbreak, and again 3 days later and could not believe the results. It would have normally taken weeks for that amount of fever blisters to heal. Now, one week after my outbreak, I just have a few red spots. No sores to heal. Great stuff even for humans!!"


"Emu Oil to the rescue again with a new application! We have house rabbits, bunnies who are spayed and neutered and live indoors. We had two bunnies get in a huge fight while we were at work. Bunnies fight like the Tazmanian Devil... We got to make several trips to the vet's office for lots of stitches. I needed some sort of healing ointment that wouldn't cause problems if (or when) a bunny licked it off. [Herbal] Wound salve to the rescue! In the past when this happened, I spent 6 weeks treating wounds. With the Emu salve, I spent TWO weeks treating wounds. Oh, and don't get me started about the Emugency sticks. I keep having to replace mine because I share them with others who have a skin irritation. Way to go MERC!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Susan in Washington State

"Thank you for your excellent service and prompt delivery of my recent order. It is fly season here in Wisconsin and your wound salve is the one thing that helps my mare. She has always rubbed her face raw because of her sensitivity to insects and I have been able to keep it under control with your Herbal Wound Salve. I also wanted to let you know that she came in a few weeks ago with a large gouge in her hoof that went into her coronary band. I immediately cleaned the wound and applied the wound spray and salve. By the next day, the wound was already healing. My farrier was surprised it did not leave more of a scar and it looks like it will grow out of the hoof wall with no repercussions."

Susan in Wisconsin

From Debra and Byron in Washington

Day 1 after Cougar Attack   Day 1 of the Cougar attack. Note the swelling and deep claw marks.

Day 12 after Cougar Attack


Day 12 of using Wound Spray. Swelling way down, deep claw marks closed.
3 Weeks After Cougar Attack      

Week 3: No swelling at all, wound on shoulder almost gone. Chest wound smaller in size, we are still medicating 2x daily. Have switched to Wound Salve.
About 67 Days After Cougar Attack   Sept. 23, 2003 Abut 67 days after the Cougar attack.
cougar05.jpg   Ebony

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