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Sensitive Skin Cream

I am so pleased with your sensitive skin cream! Soothes Rosacea as nothing else has, great for all dry skin.
Any chance I could buy bigger containers of it?

From Jeannie in Montana

"Thank you for that fabulous sensitive skin cream once again. I dare not go a day without applying it 2x after washing. When I do not follow this procedure, there’s literally always trouble. Thanks so much for your wonderful company’s product."

Nancy-Oakland, CA.

"Just a little cheery note to mention, once again, how much I appreciate your sensitive skin cream. A pal stopped by today. I gave her a smidge of this cream to try and hope that she'll have the great success I've had with it. I NEVER break out anymore, thanks to you. This after over 50 years of difficulties . I now wash my face 2x a day, coating the skin immediately after, with unfailing clear skin since. I am so hoping that she will have the same results tho her lifelong difficulty has been severe acne. Thanks so much for your product."

Benny from Oakland

 "I Just Love the Sensitive Skin Cream!  It keeps my dermatitis under control and smells delicious TOO!  THANKS!"

Eleanor in Montana

"Just a little note to mention that at times I use your "lip therapy" stick for a complexion helper. When there's a breakout where the skin is breached, I coat the area 2x a day with this product right after washing the area. It speeds recovery! Bestus.

Benny of Oakland

(Who just HAS to have the "sensitive skin" creme on 2x a day or has face breakouts from rosea.)"


"I recently purchase this cream at Frends in Valley Village, Ca my face felt raw...from rosacea it was so red, dry and it hurt, I am very happy I started using this cream over a week ago and the redness is almost gone. . . I am using the product twice a day and this morning almost no redness!"

Karla in CA

 "I love your products. They feel so great and it's wonderful to know I am using something so healthy for my body. The workers skin cream smells delicious, I plan to buy a few for christmas gifts next year. The Sensitive Skin Cream is wonderful for my face. My skin, prone to a breakout every now and then even at age 40, has been smooth and clear ever since I've started using it. And your lip balm is the best. Thank you!"

Michelle B. in New Jersey

"The products [Sensitive Skin Cream & Therapeutic Cleansing Lotion] are just wonderful. They gave me relief to a rosacea issue. I am getting my face back and there is much glow on my face. My daughter, 9 years old, wants to kiss my face and it has been months that she could not do that. Finally she kissed me after six months and she was so happy-thanks to your products!"

Anshu - Colorado

"I thank you for all your help for me & my grandson. He has eczema & the [Emu] oil & the Sensitive Skin Cream have been the best help to him we have found."


"Laid in Montana [Montana Emu Ranch] Facial Creams are superior to other products in their ability to hydrate and moisturize for extended periods."

Mo - Boca Raton, Florida
35 years selling skincare

"I have been using your products for 3 years now and have found that it is the only thing that helped my teenage daughters psoriasis. She was getting it on her stomach, face and elbows. I got her to faithfully use the Sensitive Skin Cream, which I use daily for my face, and with in a few days it was quickly disappearing. Also my younger daughter developed eczema on her hands and we just have her use the cream or lotion for about a week and it clears right up. Prior to using your [Sensitive Skin] Cream for our skin we were using colostrum cream. They changed their formula and upped their prices and it no longer worked for us and our skin conditions. So we were very excited to run into your product."


"I thank you for all your help for me & my grandson. He has eczema & the [Emu] oil & the sensitive skin cream have been the best help to him we have found."


April-2011-Eczema.jpgMy name is Suzi. I have systemic eczema. I have had it for 2.5 years. I was treated in the typical manner - Cortisone injections, steroids, tetracycline all of which just made it worse. I found the Montana Emu Ranch via a health food store.

The eczema covered my entire body. It was very painful and horrible itching. I called the ranch and my angels Penni and Coleen coached me through my recovery. I must say it was really difficult at first as it burned but I was out of options. My angels helped me to understand that it was healing from the inside and keep with the protocol. After about six weeks I could really see that it was working. The rash was bad all over but in particular my right elbow as you can see had no sealed skin on it. It now has healed in the last year I have been using Emu. I apply the Pure Emu Oil, Sensitive Skin Cream externally and Fatty Acid [Omega Complex] Gel Caps, VitalStats, pro•biotic internally. In the beginning I applied it 7-8 times a day now only one time per day. If I have a small breakout due to stress or environment I apply a little and it disappears.

The ladies, birds, and the Montana Emu Ranch saved my life. Thank you!


"ABSOLUTELY the best product for eczyma!!!!!! This lotion [Sensitive Skin Cream] works great on my husband's eczyma. We have been talking about this product after we bought the small 2 oz jar at Mustard Seed Food Market. We are ordering 2 more jars for us & a jar for a friend who has eczyma & wants to try a more natural way to treat it & a jar for our niece who is 11 & medication is not working- her mom is willing to try the product. Our niece is a gymnast & her eczyma shows when performing! The lotion, the everyday diet & a little bit of sunshine on the skin each day is working fantastic - we may also try just the pure oil. I will be using the lotion for my dry hands also!Thank you for making a natural product to help in healing the body!"

Debbie in Ohio