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Workers Hand and Foot Cream

"I actually got eczema on my backside from using some expensive lotion from [a large box store]; the Workers Cream is the only thing that keeps it cleared up. Thanks!"

Cherylyn in Idaho

"I bought Workers Cream from Vitamin Cottage in Pueblo CO after I ran out of prescription cream for the eczema on my palms. Frequent applications of Workers Cream has kept them from cracking open and bleeding. Nothing else over the counter has ever worked before. Thank you."

Juliette in Colorado

"Picked up a 2 oz Workers Handcream 2 years ago passing throught Lincoln, MT at Hi Country and loved it (awesome on the occasional sunburn), picked up a first aid pocket stick this year, (great for bug bites we've found). Thanks for a great product!"

Mark in Washington State

"Hi!  Just received your worker's hand cream and some lip balm in the mail.  After reading your brochure, I am back for more!  I am very excited about the supplements and sensitive skin cream :)  I am a mother of two young children (5 and 3) and my hands get very dry in the winter.   After one day of using the worker's hand cream, my hands are back to being smooth and soft.  Thank you!  Your products are wonderful."

Michelle in New Jersey

"ABSOLUTELY the best product for eczyma!!!!!! This lotion [Workers Hand and Foot Cream] works great on my husbands eczyma. We have been talking about this product after we bought the small 2 oz jar at Mustard Seed Food Market. We are ordering 2 more jars for us & a jar for a friend who has eczyma & wants to try a more natural way to treat it & a jar for our niece who is 11 & medication is not working- her mom is willing to try the product. Our niece is a gymnast & her eczyma shows when performing!

The lotion, the everyday diet & a little bit of sunshine on the skin each day is working fantastic - we may also try just the pure oil. I will be using the lotion for my dry hands also!Thank you for making a natural product to help in healing the body!"

Debbie in Ohio

I love your products. They feel so great and it's wonderful to know I am using something so healthy for my body. The Workers Hand Cream smells delicious, I plan to buy a few for Christmas gifts next year. The Sensitive Skin Cream is wonderful for my face. My skin, prone to a breakout every now and then even at age 40, has been smooth and clear ever since I've started using it. And your lip balm is the best. Thank you!

Michelle B. in New Jersey