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Thank you for such quick shipping and such amazing products. They've changed my life and I couldn't live without them now!!!!! Erica
I was just contacting your company to let you guys know that you are doing a great job. It show your company has nice compliments. Keep up the good work and thank you. Jason
I am so glad I found your products! They work so well it's hard to believe, and they smell gorgeous too. I'm extremely fussy about my bodycare products and usually make my own, but yours are unbeatable. Thank you for putting such evident love and care into your fine products. Diana

"I have to tell you guys that the orthorpedists have been after me for NINE years to get a knee replacement. (BAD Arthritis) Being the chicken I am, I have said No, No, No. I've wrapped it, soaked it, cried with it, and had many, many very painful nights with it.

ALL THAT SAID, I jumped in and bought the Hot Spice & Ice......and my life has changed. !! IN LESS THAN THREE DAYS!!! I've used it 3-4x a day (within each 24 hours), and the change is no less than miraculous. I took a BRISK two mile walk with my doberman this morning and fully expected pain to set in within moment.....hours at best. NOTHING. NO pain, no discomfort.

I'm dumbfounded and about seriously over the top suffering from nothing but painless happy right now. THIS STUFF IS MIND BLOWING IN ITS EFFECTIVENESS!!!!

Combine this with the Deep Muscle Rub for my arthritic hands and I can not tell you the difference it's making.....and how fast it's working.

I've used Emugency stick and spray for years.....and Wound Spray and Ointment.....but these other products are just totally LIFE CHANGING.

Thanks you guys.....I feel like you're giving this 71 year old body another change at the dog show ring.....at enjoying exercising our dogs, wanting to go to obediende, and most of all....DOING EVERYTHING WITHOUT PAIN. WOW." J. Pritchard Facebook post on May 11, 2014

Severe burn before treated with emu oil.

The photo below is after she started using the emu oil. Her doctors were amazed and said that whatever she was doing is working and that she was healed.


The dead skin she was instructed to cut off,
from there she continued with the emu oil treatment.


And, this is just a few days later.


Last look is pretty impressive metamorphosis, wouldn't you say?


Erica used just 100% Montana Emu Oil and that’s it. She would love for the word to be spread of this fabulous product. Erica in Oregon

"LOVE your products!!! Facial products have definitely helped my skin. Less Blackheads with smoother, radiant skin.” Peggy, Spokane, WA

“Thank you! I rarely, if ever, am happy enough with a product to tell others or buy more. I am excited and so anxious to continue my journey with Emu Oil. Thank you for such wonderful products. You are helping real people in a real way." Natalya in Colorado

"You are so welcome. Ya'll are part of a miracle for me. I had a failed neck surgery and fibromyalgia and all of your products, especially the rub [Deep Muscle Rub] has been a life safer. Blessings to you." Jeanette in Texas

"Everyone always asks about my skin and I always say…….MONTANA EMU RANCH! Thank you!" Lynda in California

"I wanted to write and tell you all how pleased I am with all of your products.. I manage a Beauty Supply in Florida and had been introduced to Emu Oil while shopping in a local health food store..after using it on my face for a month I was hooked and knew that no other beauty treatment could produce such results..until one day I picked up the phone and called, received a list of all the products and ordered them to sell at my store. Now I am using the whole line and am thrilled with the results. The Muscle Rub has diminished the spider veins in my legs so much that they are barely visible and the Cleansing Cream and Cinna-Scrub keep my skin smooth and youthful.. this I know, not only from my own observation, but customers ask me what I use and that to me is proof that it works.
I also have been taking the Omega Complex and I am very pleased so far with the results.

The owner of our stores called me the other day and asked that next time I do an order to please get enough for all of our stores. Thank you so much for wonderful products that I can insure that all will love and see results. I have used very expensive products in the past and cannnot say the same for them." Debbie in Florida

We love your products! I have been using emu oil on a surgery scar - it feels like silk and it is really helping. Thanks so much ;) Nicole in Minnesota

"I just placed my order. I have to tell you the reason I have decided to check out your products is because my sons girlfriend has a little girl about 20 months old and was bit in the face by a german sheppard and had to get 23 stitches from her cheek bone down her little cheek. I have always heard of this wonderful emu oil and told my son to get it and he did. About 3 days later they sent me a picture and I could not believe that the wound had shrunk from about 4 in to 1 in.

So I bought the oil [Emu Oil] over the weekend and tried it on my face and cannot believe how velvet my skin feels so I checked out your website today and decided I would have my husband try the supplements. I work for an equine veterinary hospital and have had clients tell me that they have used the [emu] oil on wounds on their horse and swear by your product. Thank you again." Susan in Montana

"Thank you so much!!! My order was complete before I realized I forgot the ship to. My son will be very appreciative! He is “hooked” on your soap. Your customer service is outstanding as ALWAYS! Every experience that I have had with your company has been a treat! Really hard to come by these days. Thanks Again!" Vicki in Washington

"I am very pleased with your product. I used to raise Emu's and render the oils myself. Your product is pure and the first I have found. Thanks for this product. I will try more products as your word is true." Candice in Minnesota

"I want to thank you for the wonderful products [Replenishing Lotion, Omega Complex & Absolutely Jasmine]. I am seeing such a remarkable improvement in my skin and face." Kathy in Kila, MT

"I am a CPAP user that uses a nasal pillow mask/canula. I was looking for something that I could use in my nares that would only need to be applied once for the whole night. I had used Ayr which had to applied several times per night. The Emu oil products were like a miracle!! Not only did it last all night, but my nasal sores from my mask healed almost overnight! I would highly recommend these products to any CPAP user or anybody who uses a nasal canula for oxygen. It is fantastic to apply once and have a complete night of free breathing without worrying about remoisturizing to avoid getting nasal sores due to rubbing or lack of lubrication., The products I have used are the plain Emu oil and the EMUgency All Purpose First Aid Stick. THANK-YOU EMU OIL" Shanee Landon, Certified Pharmacy Technician

"Your products are amazing and have almost made masectomy scars completely disappear. Thank you so much!!!" Nancy in Oregon

"Yet another moment to share my love of emu oil! I got an oil burn last night (less than 24 hours ago...) the burn is/was ~ 1 inch by 1.5 inches, not big, but surely not small, about the size of an oreo cookie + splatters down my arm. Hooting and hollaring in pain, I ran the burn under cold water and then put emu oil on it. I reapplied every hour or so and then again a few times this morning. Would you know it, all the pain and redness is gone! You can still see a bit of damage to the skin, but it looks like the burn is a week old, not less than 24 hours. I wish I had taken pictures." THANK YOU!!!!

"I used your Emu Oil religiously in Montana, Billings Native. Since I have moved to lower California. I have searched a lot of the bigger cities and haven't come up with anything that is even close. I would happily open my own place to sell if I could. As it is I have been talking to everyone I can and have my boss, some of his family and friends who are really interested. I plan to place an order in the next few days for Emu Oil. You guys are the absolute best. I have a lot of skin problems and work in the outdoors. I am in dire need. Please keep up the excellence!" Suzan in California

"I just want to say how much I love your products. I had to have some places frozen on my face and promptly came home and put emu oil on them and then at bedtime used the Rejuvenation Creme. My skin looks really good and feels very smooth.

I gave the emu oil to my sister to use on her leg, she fell off her bike and had road rash and scrapes. Even after a week of forgetting to give it to her, she finally got it and put it on her leg and it looks alot better. She had been using neopsorin on it. She said she could feel it working right away. She is now going to be ordering some emu oil and the omega complex capsules. I also like the deep muscle rub, I use it every night on my knees and feet before going to bed. Emu oil really makes your skin smooth and makes it look good, I can't explain it, but I notice the difference." Patricia in Florida

"I cannot live without your amazing products and I'm almost all out of my facial cream. When should I expect my shipment? Thank you!!" Josephine in New York

"Dear friends at Montana Emu Ranch, I just wanted to take the time to express my appreciation and gratitude for your company's efficiency. Your online site is easy to follow and very descriptive of the labeling ingredients and the pictures help also. My order arrived in no time and well wrapped for it's safe arrival. You threw in a freebie since I spent near $100.00 which you did not have to do and free shipping to boot. Not to mention how awesome I think your products are. Thank you so much and God bless you." Sincerely, Victoria

"How do I submit a testimonial for one or actually more of your products?? Every one of the products I have tried is fantastic and I am spreading the word to friends and family. Thank you so much!" Theresa in Oregon

"I just wanted to thank you for a great product. For the last few years I have been living and working in Sri Lanka, Indonesia as well as the South Pacific providing micro loans and hands on work rebuilding various communities. Because I live with local conditions, often no running water, polluted circumstances, etc.... I sometimes find myself with skin diseases. Today I am back in the US with boils and shingles.... nothing was working and I was thinking I was grounded until I started taking and working with your products. They are great! I plan on going back next month taking some of your products with me. thank you" Li from Washington

"Please feel free, if it isn't too late, to use my March/April email for your website, or anything from me from now and into the future! I myself will be reordering soon, and people are beginning to become curious about my health change so I have been "spreading the word" about your product. I'm a true advocate for products that work. I like people to know about them so that the company itself prospers. Pretty soon I will be in charge of supplying nutrition information to my church and I will be mentioning your products. I just hope that people take their health seriously enough that they don't just nod happily, but actually do something besides complain. Thank you very much." Dominique in New Jersey

"What I do not understand is that since the product works so well, why don't the major health food stores carry it? You would think the cosmetics industry would be all over this... BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS! This is the FIRST TIME that 'if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, did NOT apply and I have been trying supplements and food products and cosmetics products and procedures for decades!!! You are the very first product that delivered more than you promised!!!" Patti, Los Angeles, CA

"I would like to let you know that both my parents are enjoying the benefits of your Emu Products. They are discovering that it doesn't cure everything, BUT it does give them relief for many aches and pains that they have lived with for YEARS!" Lori, Seattle, Washington

"My husband is a fair skinned Red Head who grew up in the Arizona sun. His skin is very damaged and nothing works like your products on keeping his skin non-irritated and healthy, Thanks!" Kristine, Phoenix, AZ

"THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! 1) you package very well 2) you ship promptly 3) your statements are accurate and easy to read 4) your products are consistent & excellent quality - rarely a backorder!" Clover from Montana

"I just wanted to tell you that your products are awesome! I am so glad I found your website and decided to try your products. Keep up the good work!" >Rachel Topaz

"I love your products. They feel so great and it's wonderful to know I am using something so healthy for my body. The workers skin cream smells delicious, I plan to buy a few for christmas gifts next year. The sensitive skin cream is wonderful for my face. My skin, prone to a breakout every now and then even at age 40, has been smooth and clear ever since I've started using it. And your lip balm is the best. Thank you!" Michelle B. in New Jersey

"For over fifteen years, I have suffered bouts of eczema on my face and hands. In October, I asked a clerk at Health Foods Unlimited near Dayton, Ohio, if there might be a product that could give me relief. She recommended your emu oil. On the first day that I applied it to my face, I felt the skin relax. By the third day, the redness was lessening, and the itching was decreasing. At the end of the third week, the pustules were almost entirely gone. Now, after a little over three months, I am excited to report that I have absolutely no signs of eczema! While the cure was taking place, I read about emu oil online and found a few sites that tentatively proposed that emu oil might cure eczema. I vouch for the fact that it does!" Bob in Ohio

"Hi Connie, I've received the products ordered today. I have no idea how these arrived so quickly but it's really great so I just wanted to commend you for the speed and quality of the product. Will definitely be back and also will recommend you to friends." Barbara in CT

"Dear MERC folks, I just had to write. I have been suffering from an all over body rash of some sort that the dermatoligist and an allergist have been unable to diagnose or treat with any effect. I itch constantly and my skin looks terrible. The doctors have had me on steroidal creams, prednisone and antihistamine. All those did was make me gain weight (the prednisone), stain my clothes and be exhausted all day from the antihistamines. I ordered your products and put the sensitive skin cream on the rash. I felt better immediately and my skin looks so much better! The sensitive skin cream was a sample and I just ordered more. Thank you so much!!" Elizabeth in Oregon

"I want you to know how much we appreciate your products. My husband had by-pass-surgery and his tailbone got inflammed and infected, he was in constant pain. The Dr's gave him Lotrisome cream which did not do anything. I started putting Emu Oil twice daily and it started to turn pink instead of Red like meat. It was much better in two days and in a week it was almost gone! I also put it on his incisions which were dry, red and sore, now they are soft and smooth! The Deep Muscle Rub helps my arthritis in my knee's and shoulder and helped my husband where he ached after surgery. It is relaxing and reduces our inflammation. We love them both!" Irene and Russ in Tinley Park, IL

"I suffer from Dyshidrotic eczema. After a recent very bad bout of it on my hands, which had digressed to me wrapping my fingers in gauze and keeping them gloved and barely able to touch anything, I went to Vitamin Cottage here in Colorado Springs. Your product was recommended to me. Within 2 hours of application, I was able to bend my fingers again because the swelling had gone down, I can actually visibly SEE the cracks where I was bleeding healing and my hands have gone from fire engine red to a blushing pink. I am so grateful. SO grateful." Rori from Colorado Springs

"I love your products! I have never seen such great results my skin looks great!" Traci from Colorado

"I am so excited to have tried the Nourishing Eye Cream. I saw significant results within only a couple of weeks. Time was beginning to etch lines on the top edge of my lip, from my nose down along the sides of my mouth, under my chin, on my forehead, not to mention the lines at the corners of my eyes. I had been researching possibilities for some time and was very discouraged as most use glycerin and fragrance, which I can't use, and were so very very expensive. I stumbled on your emu products at the store and decided to give the Nourishing Eye Cream a try. I have been using it for about 2 months now and still find myself staring in the mirror in disbelief. Most of the lines are gone. This took years off of me. Had I known the results were going to be this dramatic I would have taken before pictures. I am so happy to have found your product. Thank you!" Terry from Oregon

"My mom uses Rejuvenation cream regularly. It kept her skin moist and supple during recent radiation treatments for cancer. I take the EFA [Omega Complex] capsules daily to prevent eczema and dermatitis outbreaks. It makes my Rx ointments more effective. The EMUgency spray is miraculous for healing cat bites and scratches (from a feisty Siamese). Thank You!" Lisa in Oregon

"Thank you for the speedy service with my last order. I am so impressed with your products that I had to come back for more." Cheryl in Arizona

"I thank you for all your help for me & my grandson. He has eczema & the [Emu] oil & the sensitive skin cream have been the best help to him we have found." Sandra

"I just wanted to THANK YOU for your fabulous Acne [Skin] Clear product. I have been using this soap exclusively for over 2 years now and my skin has never been better! I have always been prone to acne and scarring and ever since I've been using your product, it's not "significantly diminished"...... It's GONE! I have tried every potion, pill and paste on the market (inlcuding products like Proactiv) and yours is the ONLY one that works! Not only has my acne cleared up but my scars are disappearing as well. Thank you SO much for your incredible product." M.O. in Idaho

"I love your Emu Oil, it is the best out there! Thank You so much for the high quality product you provide. My grandson somethimes has a bit of a diaper rash and he knows that I will put "lotion" on it and it just disappears overnight. He knows where it is in the medicin cabinet and always point to it and says "Lotion, BOO BOO" everytime he sees me go in there for anything at all! Gratefully yours, " Andrea in Florida

"This EMU oil is helping me continue my employment even though my Fibro has been very difficult this winter. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRODUCT!" Paula

"I live in Nebraska City, NE. (but was born and raised in Billings, Montana) One of the best things your [Emu] oil has done was to help my daughter and her friend with chicken pox. (lavender and the oil mixed) Em was miserable and bawling on a constant basis. And for this pregnancy it has been an absolute blessing. I received other emails from other moms' on the list who went to their health food stores for Emu oil. We desperately need to get you guys sold over here. Unfortunately Neb. City is REALLY tiny. Kinda like um... Red Lodge.
I am sending a bottle with my husband on the road because being a trucker he showers in a different state all the time and the chemicals they use for their water varies. (Dry skin and rashes) So, again thank you! And many good wishes for your contributions to life! Blessing, " Suzan, Nebraska City, NE

"I was recommended to use your emu oil by a supplement store. I have had psoriasis on the top of my right hand, for over 15 years, about the size of a silver dollar. I have never found anything that even kept it under control. After three weeks use of your emu oil my psoriasis is completely gone! I feel so lucky to have discovered your product. And even that it is made in Kalispell, Montana – where I use to live and graduated from high school. I will certainly sing your praises."
Lou, Spokane, WA

"What I do not understand is that since the product works so well, why don't the major health food stores carry it? You would think the cosmetics industry would be all over this... BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS! This is the FIRST TIME that 'if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, did NOT apply and I have been trying supplements and food products and cosmetics products and procedures for decades!!! You are the very first product that delivered more than you promised!!!" Patti, Los Angeles, CA

"Shawn, (store employee), said she recommended our Emu Oil to a man with 3rd degree burns over 30% of his body ten days ago. He is almost healed! She wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't seen it herself!" Pilgrims Nutrition #9, Spokane, WA

"My blood pressure went from 186 to 146 in six weeks on the Emu Oil Gel Caps [Omega Complex]! The Dr. thought the reading was wrong!" Hamilton, Montana

"After one week of daily use of your 100% Montana Emu Oil my ugly sores were gone! Nothing else worked!" Karen - Montana

"Thanks so much for your product. I have tried quite a few things for my Eczema flair-ups and nothing has worked like your products. I especially appreciate that they are safe to use and I don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects. Using a few drops of 100% emu oil in a bath is great for dry irritated skin. I will definitely be ordering more products soon." Michelle - California

"After 60 days on the Emu Oil Gel Caps [Omega Complex] my cholesterol is down 30 points, my blood pressure is lower and my heart medications have been cut in half!" Marilyn - Montana

"I have been using your products for 3 years now and have found that it is the only thing that helped my teenage daughters psoriasis. She was getting it on her stomach, face and elbows. I got her to faithfully use the sensitive skin cream, which I use daily for my face, and with in a few days it was quickly disappearing. Also my younger daughter developed eczema on her hands and we just have her use the cream or lotion for about a week and it clears right up. Prior to using your cream for our skin we were using colostrum cream. They changed their formula and upped their prices and it no longer worked for us and our skin conditions. So we were very excited to run into your product." LeAnne

"My back was so bad I almost had to go on disability. I am 73 years old and working two jobs. I started using the Emu Oil Gel Caps [Omega Complex] and the Deep Muscle Rub and am now comfortable enough to work!" Harriet - Onalaska, Wisconsin

"God Bless those Emu's! After suffering with severe psoriasis and enlarged liver for 40 years, both are normal after taking 1-2 Emu Oil Gel Caps [Omega Complex] daily for 30 days." C.J. - Laurel, Montana

"Montana Emu Ranch Facial Creams are superior to other products in their ability to hydrate and moisturize for extended periods." Mo - Boca Raton, Florida
35 years selling skincare

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order. I was very pleased with all the information that was sent as well. I discovered your 100% Montana Emu Oil in a Kalispell airport. You have quite a fine product which was sent extremely fast! I will definitely be buying much more from Montana Emu Ranch!" Jessica Wilson

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