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Problems Checking Out or Navigating Our Site

Problems Checking Out or Navigating Our Site Check List:

If you are using Paypal as your payment method, make sure you sign in to or create a
Montana Emu Ranch Company Online Store Customer Account first.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers for the Best Shopping Experience on our Online Store:

Our Online Store is supported on most major Operating Systems and Browsers.
For the best shopping experience, we recommend using our website with the following Operating Systems and up-to-date versions of the following Browsers.
Using older versions may prevent you from successfully completing your order and some site features may not function as expected.

Suggested Browsers for Windows and Mac Users:

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer have had many navigating and checkout issues and we cannot guarantee their compatibility on our site.

If you are using one of the above Operating Systems with the suggested up-to-date Browsers,
here are a few additional tips you can try:

Clear your Browser Cache:

We also suggest clearing browsing history in Firefox and Safari to improve performance:
  • Under History Menu select Clear All History

If you are using Auto-Fill Forms feature, try turning it off:

  • Google Chrome: Check the 'Auto-Fill Form Data' box when Clearing the Cache.
  • Firefox or Safari: Turn off Auto-Fill Web Forms in Preferences.

Check your Browser Security Settings in Preferences and reset to Default Setting.

Make sure Javascript is up-to-date and enabled.

If you continue to have problems with navigating our site or your checkout experience please call us at 1-888-444-4EMU or email us at

Please include what Operating System, Browser and Version you are using and any additional notes on your experience so we can work to improve our site for future shopping.